Young child with plate

Ensuring your child receives optimal nutrition while on a special diet can be challenging, but KetoCal can help. The KetoCal family of products was designed to make the ketogenic diet for epilepsy more manageable for families and carers.

The KetoCal family of products are nutritionally complete ketogenic medical foods that can be used as a snack, meal replacement, or as the sole source of nutrition. KetoCal products are foods for special medical purposes and must always be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

KetoCal can also be used to make delicious ketogenic recipes and adds the following benefits when used in cooking:

  • Supplemental nutrients offering more nutrient dense meals
  • Variety and texture to recipes making the diet more palatable
  • Child friendly options such as pizza, sandwich wraps, and smoothies

Check out The KetoCal Family  page to learn more about the KetoCal product range.