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The ease of preparation and the convenience of KetoCal saves time. It allows you to take the ketogenic diet on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. Below are just a few of the ways that KetoCal can be helpful.

Nutritional reassurance

KetoCal provides complete nutrition and can help fill in the nutritional gaps of the ketogenic diet. Parents can feel assured knowing that their child is getting the right ketogenic ratio and the right nutrition from KetoCal.

Help for picky eaters at mealtime

We don’t have to tell you that meal times can be challenging. KetoCal’s smooth and sweet taste were designed to be accepted by even the pickiest of eaters. Because it is ketogenically balanced and nutritionally complete, KetoCal makes meal times a little less stressful for mum and dad too.

Solution for sick days

KetoCal can be helpful for sick days when your child is not hungry for a solid meal. Because KetoCal has a consistent ketogenic ratio, you don’t have to worry that the ratio is not right if they don’t finish it.

Travel convenience

KetoCal is easily transported as an easy-to-prepare powder. It’s great for holidays and outings when you don’t have access to a kitchen.

Peace of mind for meals without mum or dad

KetoCal is an easy meal substitute to provide at times when the usual “ketogenic chef” is unavailable. KetoCal works great for daycare, school days, babysitters and play dates!

Quick solution for unexpected situations

Working late, stuck in traffic, or forgot to pack the lunch box? Keep some KetoCal on hand for unexpected situations.

Variety and palatable keto-friendly meals

KetoCal is great in keto cooking as it can be used in a variety of savoury and sweet recipes, and it is an excellent keto-friendly substitute for flour in recipes. Cooking with KetoCal adds variety and texture to create more palatable and nutritious ketogenic recipes.