24 Mar

Nutricia Supports Purple Day


March 26th is Purple Day! Purple day aims to encourage people to talk about epilepsy and to remind those who live with seizures, that they are not alone. Founded in 2008 by a young Canadian girl called Cassidy Megan, it has since become a global campaign dedicated to increasing epilepsy awareness worldwide.

The ketogenic diet is a high fat and low carbohydrate diet that can be used as a treatment for epilepsy. The ketogenic diet may be prescribed by a neurologist and managed by a specialist Dietitian for children who have forms of epilepsy that have not responded well to various drug treatments.

KetoCal is a nutritionally complete powdered feed, very high fat and low carbohydrate that contains fibre. Ketocal can help make the ketogenic diet easier.

Please explore www.myketocal.com.au to access lots of easy and delicious ketogenic friendly recipes using KetoCal.